on a break

23 07 2009

hi guys !
Due to recent events that we would not like to get into..Pluxie will be on a hiatus. Let me just clear up first of all- Pliz and i are not fighting. We adore one another. It’s more of a matter of being burnt out. 🙂 We’ve all been there. So Pluxie may or may not be back in the future. It’s on the fence.Until the Pluxie return – I have started my own fashion blog at http://luxeurious.wordpress.com. We would like to thank each and everyone of our supporters. It means a lot and we love you guys ❤

Luxe Helendale & Pilz Redgrave.


Itsy-Bitsy Teenie-Weenie

14 07 2009


I want to make a little notice before I get into the blog post! I really want to give a BIG thank you to everyone that has been so awesome with comments/support inworld & on the blog about how much they love it. It means so much to us really & keeps us posting too! But anyways! Here are my top three favorite bikinis-

Doppelganger Inc. – Boardwalk Plaid Blue

When I saw this bikini I was in heaven. It’s my top bikini this summer by far. The butt ruffles (which Syler slaved away at btw) make it fun & flirty. Doppelganger Inc’s newest bikinis come in three different styles – plaid, polkadot, stripes!

artilleri / leelee (zebra)

I was drawn to the LeeLee bikini mostly for my love of Bettie Page & for my wild side you all know and love. 😉

artilleri / strawberry delight

I picked this one just out of my lust for everything strawberries. yummy.

hair worn – artilleri Sabina 2 *jet black*

Call to Nature

9 07 2009

Lookbook P3

I know you guys have been staring at your computer screen checking our blog ever few hours to see if we’ve posted anything new, some of you sleep deprived some of you starving. We are very compassionate and understanding about that sort of thing, we love our subscribers and viewers. But now look, your wait was not in vain.
Finally a post just for the men.
Recently I was out shopping looking for some nice sandals when one of my dear friends mentioned Aoharu. After wondering around for ten minutes I finally came across the prim toed sandals. Actually before these, I’ve never owned a pair of prim toes. So believe me when I say, “I shrieked with glee.”
During my frequent teleports to my favorite shopping locations, I ran across Amerie’s Naughty, finding very well made layered Polo’s and colorful skinny pants. Next on my shopping journey Gritty Kitty, which had also just came out with 2 new hair styles and some Fawn stuff. Then I found this amazing jewelery store called ROZOREGALIA, truly one of my recent favorite stores. I found this very cool silver and wood necklace and the matching bracelet’s.

“Shopping is better than sex. If you’re not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like.”

Hair – Gritty Kitty – BLONDE Cain

Headband – THE CLOSET – Beads Head Piece

Facial Piercing – StarPiercing – Lee

Necklace – +RR+ – Cornucopia Necklace

Shirt – *aN-M* – Polo Yellowgreen

Pants – Armidi – Grace Jeans Bleached

Sandals – AOHARU – Mesh Belt Sandals Brown

hair fair 2009!

20 06 2009

Yay ! Hair Fair (fashion blogger heaven) is finally here. Pilz and I were lucky enough to be dropped invites to scan the hair goodies a bit earlier. I personally was overwhelmed by all the beautiful hair everywhere & will be back for more!
We want to shout out a special thanks to everyone involved with the Hair Fair – from designers to staff. The sim looked fantastic & the selection was amazing!

A little preview~! We picked our top three favorites!

Hair Fair 1

Pilz – Aitui – Icarus ‘ Fall /Mullato
Luxe – Miau Haus – Valen Liquorice Black

Hair Fair 2

Pilz – Aitui == Minos’ Deceit /Black + Blond
Luxe – Exile -Lindsay scarlett

Hair Fair 3

Pilz – ARGRACE Fedora Hat “Natural Mid” (amber)
Luxe – ARGRACE Fedora Hat “Glamorous wavy” (black)

The fedora has NINE color changes. Go get it!

J-Rock Revolution

13 06 2009

Lookbook LP8

Lookbook LP8 B

Pilzy and I have a total nerdom for the japanese fashion. We have spoke about doing J-Pop for awhile but after spotting our friend Eeka head to toe in j-rock. We were instantly crushing on the idea. Enjoy our little dip to the darker side 😉 bye all!

On Pilz –

Hair – [rQ]Fever~Onyx/Teal

Skin – [][]Trap[][]- MONO Black Purple TAT Tone 2

Piercings – Groll Inn – 3-Dot Piercing

Tattoo – *EtchD* Saga

Outfit – Goth1c0 (gemmed): The Nemesis

Boots – ROT vincent boots gb

On Luxe-

Hair- [red queen] – Noir

Skin- Gala/Curio (Petal Frex [Dark] Jitterbug 1

Hat -Goth1co- L’Oscurita Della Luce Hat

Eye Patch- [Pink Fuel] Lacey Black Heart Eyepatch

Top – *amerie’s NAUGHTY* shirt (stitch)

Tattoo- GOK- My secret lotus

Belt – Goth1co- Tokyo Lolita Skirt -set

Bottoms & Stockings – Goth1co- Tokyo Gothic Lolita Set

Cage – Goth1c0- Tokyo Gothic Lolita Set

Armwarmers (Plaid) – *amerie’s NAUGHTY* Sugary Armwarmer (red)

Gloves (Lace) – *amerie’s NAUGHTY* Treated the Heart set

Bunny- Pink Fuel – Black Sad Bunny (Blood)

Shoes- Bare Rose – Alchemy Black SE Elemental A

pilzy & i’s love child

The Search for Jeweled Necklace of Montezuma

2 06 2009

Lookbook LP8 copy

Legend of the Hidden Temple shirts? HELL YES.
It’s a must for any old Nick show fan. (i know I totally went fan girl on Riq) So relive your youth and hop over to Reek! Make sure to pick up the new bandaids & baseball shirts too. And now…back to kicking Pilzy’s ass. 🙂 bye all

On Pilz-

Hair- >TRUTH< – Zach in auburn

Top- Reek – Hidden Temple ~ Red Jaguars in Faded

Bottoms- Doppelganger Inc. – Syler Shorts in Black

On Luxe-

Hair- -Elle F- Cassandra in Brunette

Top- Reek – Hidden Temple ~ Blue Barracudas in Faded

Bottoms- Surf Couture – Rolled Denim Shorts in OriginalR

“You’re turning Violet, Violet”

17 05 2009

Lookbook LP6B
LookBook LP6

Pilz and I are sporting the purple because not only is it one of our favorite colors..it’s also the Relay for Life color! I was excited to pick up all the limited edition shop items on the board walk! RUN down there and get them before they are gone. TODAY is the last day! I think my favorite has to be the Toastface t-shirt pack created by Uma Ceawlin. The kawaii little faces make my heart melt.
BUT you can still head on down and check out the auction at 5SL & bid on some items! Thanks to all the new friends i’ve made & the wonderful people who have put so much time/effort into the carnival. It came out perfect!!

On Pilz-
Hair – Gritty Kitty: BLACK Sebastian

Pen – ~Scribble~ Jelly Pens (Purple)

Shirt – /artilleri/ Jed shirt *purples*

Pants – Armidi Limited – (M) Lowrise Jeans Original [Acid]

Shoes – PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2

On Luxe-

Hair-.:.Foam!.:. Floe 1 -Blacks

Glasses- Paper Couture – Vintage Dita

Donut- Pink Fuel ! Happy Donut

Top- Toastface for RFL (fatpack- you can find it on the boardwalk!)

Purse- [ATOMIC] Canvas Art Tote

Pants- **DP**yumyum leggings in purple

Pin- RFL Ribbon (@RFL)

Shoes-*Kookie* Kat Platforms Purple