J-Rock Revolution

13 06 2009

Lookbook LP8

Lookbook LP8 B

Pilzy and I have a total nerdom for the japanese fashion. We have spoke about doing J-Pop for awhile but after spotting our friend Eeka head to toe in j-rock. We were instantly crushing on the idea. Enjoy our little dip to the darker side 😉 bye all!

On Pilz –

Hair – [rQ]Fever~Onyx/Teal

Skin – [][]Trap[][]- MONO Black Purple TAT Tone 2

Piercings – Groll Inn – 3-Dot Piercing

Tattoo – *EtchD* Saga

Outfit – Goth1c0 (gemmed): The Nemesis

Boots – ROT vincent boots gb

On Luxe-

Hair- [red queen] – Noir

Skin- Gala/Curio (Petal Frex [Dark] Jitterbug 1

Hat -Goth1co- L’Oscurita Della Luce Hat

Eye Patch- [Pink Fuel] Lacey Black Heart Eyepatch

Top – *amerie’s NAUGHTY* shirt (stitch)

Tattoo- GOK- My secret lotus

Belt – Goth1co- Tokyo Lolita Skirt -set

Bottoms & Stockings – Goth1co- Tokyo Gothic Lolita Set

Cage – Goth1c0- Tokyo Gothic Lolita Set

Armwarmers (Plaid) – *amerie’s NAUGHTY* Sugary Armwarmer (red)

Gloves (Lace) – *amerie’s NAUGHTY* Treated the Heart set

Bunny- Pink Fuel – Black Sad Bunny (Blood)

Shoes- Bare Rose – Alchemy Black SE Elemental A

pilzy & i’s love child




4 responses

13 06 2009
Makenzie Irling

I’m thinking I need to check out Goth1c0, I’ve never been there.

13 06 2009

Niiice visual-kei-ness! ❤

13 06 2009
Abra Exonar

Bad ass babies!!! I love it!! <3333Abraaa

13 06 2009

Hi I think this is a fantastic blog, keep up the good work…

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