Call to Nature

9 07 2009

Lookbook P3

I know you guys have been staring at your computer screen checking our blog ever few hours to see if we’ve posted anything new, some of you sleep deprived some of you starving. We are very compassionate and understanding about that sort of thing, we love our subscribers and viewers. But now look, your wait was not in vain.
Finally a post just for the men.
Recently I was out shopping looking for some nice sandals when one of my dear friends mentioned Aoharu. After wondering around for ten minutes I finally came across the prim toed sandals. Actually before these, I’ve never owned a pair of prim toes. So believe me when I say, “I shrieked with glee.”
During my frequent teleports to my favorite shopping locations, I ran across Amerie’s Naughty, finding very well made layered Polo’s and colorful skinny pants. Next on my shopping journey Gritty Kitty, which had also just came out with 2 new hair styles and some Fawn stuff. Then I found this amazing jewelery store called ROZOREGALIA, truly one of my recent favorite stores. I found this very cool silver and wood necklace and the matching bracelet’s.

“Shopping is better than sex. If you’re not satisfied after shopping you can make an exchange for something you really like.”

Hair – Gritty Kitty – BLONDE Cain

Headband – THE CLOSET – Beads Head Piece

Facial Piercing – StarPiercing – Lee

Necklace – +RR+ – Cornucopia Necklace

Shirt – *aN-M* – Polo Yellowgreen

Pants – Armidi – Grace Jeans Bleached

Sandals – AOHARU – Mesh Belt Sandals Brown




One response

9 07 2009

I love that green on you! Lime is huge in my lil world atm!!

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